Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weight Loss Tip of the Day

Don't eat out of the container. Be it the pint of ice cream or the bag of potato chips, don't eat out of the container. Studies show you eat more, much more, when you eat out of a container, instead of taking some of the food and putting it onto a plate or a napkin. It seems the only way your brain knows you're done is when it hits the bottom of whatever you're eating on/out of, regardless of whether you're physically full or not. So take a couple scoops f ice cream and put it in a bowl or a handful of chips and put them on a napkin to eat. If after you're done and you some want more...get some more. But never eat out of the bag/carton itself.

So now you see why its so easy to finish off that pint of ice cream when you were only going to have a few scoops.