Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eat Like the Master.....

Mere seconds before all the lycra exploded......

Hi All!!

Had a faaabulous time Saturday nite! Details next post, I'm still recovering (what can I say, I'm old!)

I did want to add a quick thought for y'all tho....

Recently, my mother was told by her doctor that she could eat pork. Lean pork, mind you, but pork just the same. She was astounded! She thought that all pork was bad for you and that the pig was the cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

I, of course was elated, cuz me and little oinky have been best friends since grade school. But now that I am older and wiser (and fatter), I realize that you have to be smart about everything that goes into your mouth. So, ladies, and gents too (I know you are out there! Call me!) get your pencils and papers out! Here is your guide for pork, and just about any kind of meat or food:


Ok, this part is for the Black Folks - everyone else talk amongst yourselves....

We have all heard the stories about Massa getting the good part of the hog, cow, etc and the slaves getting the leftovers. That's how we got chitin's, pig feet, ears, stomach, tongue, brain and all the other parts that should be thrown away. Yes, we were talented enuf to make all of that taste good, and we have even made some of this main stream, but at what cost? OUR LIVES!

These "parts" are all just fat and gristle, not meat. Instead of eating and "seasoning" with the leftovers, eat the lean cuts. Watch the bacon and ham or anything that is smoked(including turkey) for nitrates and salt. Folks, we're not slaves anymore, and while some of us are far from rich, there are affordable, leaner choices that can be made.

Trim the fat to 1/8" and grill or bake, and center cut chops are a lean choice. Tenderloin roasts are also and excellent choice. Same goes for beef, and chicken. Do you know I actually saw some chicken feet for sale? How much meat can be on those? And whose idea was it to market turkey tails?

If you are a carnivore, like me, make it a point, no a mission, to eat healthier, better quality foods. They will make a difference in how you look and eventually feel.

Oh yeah, get some salad and veggies in there too! ;)

Til next time, good night!


t.s. johnson said...

I have NEVER been a fnny part of the meat eating girl. My momma was...we are southern after all...but she didn't cook with the stuff in the house.

Good post. Timely (consider the holidays are coming) and needed.

t.s. johnson said...

Oh you look HOT in the dress!

Woo HOO!

Tracy said...

Why thank you!! This was taken after I had dinner and two glasses of wine! The corset was squeezing me and I could hardly stand up!

That's why I look like a purple sparkly linebacker!

Nona said...

You look fabulous Tracy!!! The dress doesn't look tight AT ALL in the photo. When we were 17 and experimenting with high heels my cousin Gail told me that, "looking good is more important than feeling good." LOL!!!

I am not a carnivore as you say, but I though your post very interesting. There are soooooo many habits that we developed during slavery which ensured our survival, that just aren't appropriate now. I guess part of our recovery is recognising those habits we need to let go of and let go of them ASAP.

Btw. Tracy, I just LOVED your answers to the tag. I'm still laughing:

"Interracial Dating Book for Black Women Who have Had it with Trifling Negroes" LMAO - is that really the title of a book. LMAO!!!!!!!! I have an African American friend who taught me that word "trifling" I love it. LMAO!!!!

Also: Oogalala - what a name. I think I want to go there :)

And I looooooved your bad words. I've never heard some of them. They are very funny! :)

Thanks for participating. It's really great to learn more about you.

{{Hugs}}} and I'm still laughing! LMAO

Okay TS, your turn!!! See Tracy's comment in my November 13th post.