Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All African-American Women Could be Overweight by 2034

From Yahoo News:

If the trends of those years continue, the researchers estimate that 86 percent of American adults will be overweight by 2030, with an obesity rate of 51 percent. By 2048, all U.S. adults could be at least mildly overweight.

Weight problems will be most acute among African-Americans and Mexican- Americans, the study projects. All black women could be overweight by 2034, according to the researchers, as could more than 90 percent of Mexican-American men.

All of this rests on the "big assumption" that the trends of recent decades will march on unabated, Liang acknowledged.

"This is really intended as a wake-up call to show what could happen if nothing changes," she said.

Waistlines aren't the only thing poised to balloon in the future, according to Liang and her colleagues. They estimate that the healthcare costs directly related to excess pounds will double each decade, reaching $957 billion in 2030 -- accounting for one of every six healthcare dollars spent in the U.S.

America in general is fat, but Black America is even fatter. This something we MUST get under control. Some tips on making sure you don't continue to be a statistic:

  1. 90 minutes a day. Scientifically that's what it takes to lose the weight and keep it off.
  2. Water is your friend. Bump 8oz, try a liter. Water flushes all the impurities out of your system and prevents you from being bloated and fills you up. Often when people think they are hungry, they are really dehydrated.
  3. Watch those portions. Portion control is an easy and effective way to get the weight off. I've lost 15lbs by drinking lots of water and reducing my portion sizes.


Posh said...

High five for posting this one!!! Black women are too hesitant to believe we are fine the way we are b.c. our community is alright with having heavier women. You saw what happene when I tried to give folks a lil knowledge on the subject at P.O.S.H. Life. Thick does not equal healthy. What is cute and sexy on you now can turn into health problems later on in life.

Gonna do a link back later to this one. Kudos


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there!

Obesity is never healthy.

Being normal weight does not indicate that a person is healthy either.

I read that Mo'Nique has health problems due to her weight and she was promoting how wonderful it was to be over 200 pounds!

{shaking my head}

The Fitness Diva said...

I keep trying to tell my sistas out here what's up on the fitness tip.
It's not about being cute, it's about being healthy.
It only takes as much time as it takes to get your nails done to get a good workout in.
Makes no sense for us to be overwhelmingly the most obese people (on average) in every city.

Anonymous said...

Those tips really work!
I just discovered your blog via Blogxilla, and those tips are pretty much my regimen now...I thought it would be harder than it is, but I get most of my water in during my work-out. 90 min. can be a but much to start with, I started with 45 min. of jogging, and now in my two hours of gym time I'm trying everything!
And it is true, as women we can get a bit lazy b/c it's acceptable to be bigger, I'm 5'8", 175 and never had any complaints, but I still don't feel good physically compared to when I was more athletic...it's def. a health thing over an aesthetic thing for me

Regina said...

Great post! Water and proportions is a big part of the solution! With the exercise, starting out slow and working your way up to a more extended work out is best, especially for people with health related issues.

Anonymous said...

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Koddy said...

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