Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Low Carb Tilapia Recipe

As promised!

1 pkg frozen tilapia (four pieces)
2 tblsp olive oil
garlic powder, pepper, sea salt, to taste
1 pat of butter
1 cup fresh baby spinach
1/2 lemon

I have one of those stovetop grills/griddles which works really well with not only fish, but any meat! If you dont have one of these, thaw the fish before cooking in a nonstick pan.

Heat grill - coat with nonstick spray if needed.
Place two pieces of fish on grill. Sprinkle 1/2 olive oil over fish.

Add garlic powder, pepper and sea salt to taste. Cover fish with a lid and cook on high for two minutes or until exposed side turns white.

Turn fish - add other half of olive oil and seasonings. Cover fish again and cook on medium for three minutes.

Uncover fish and top with spinach, some of the lemon juice and 1 pat of butter. Cover and cook on medium until the spinach just wilts.

Remove fish, squeeze rest of lemon on top and enjoy!!

Total carbs - 5 gr

Now that is eating!!


Miriam said...

Well I didn't follow that recipe (yet) but I did make a sweet potato pie for the family as I had promised!

Its so filling. I hope its healthy lol.

Will check this recipe out as soon as I can!

Tracy said...

Dont torture me Miriam!!

Actually, I can make a low carb "sweet potato" pie from pumpkin - I swear you couldnt' tell the difference!

Miriam said...

lol Tracy! I'm so sorry. its just that pic on the blog....

***off topic** I'm embarrassed to say that I only recently realized that there is a certain thing that my family does which is NOT unique to us -many people have this tradition.

The tradition is that before we cook meat, we have this whole "koshering" process in which we wash the meat with lemon and lots and lots of water. Sometimes salt is used. Is this a popular thing?

Miriam said...

Also, (sorry my mind is running) will there be a topic on bf food. There is so much hype about how not healthy it is but i just want to go hmmmmmmm....

For instance, there is so much talk about how fried food so bad bad bad. But when I finally sat down and did research, I learned its not just fried foods period, its BREADED fried foods. (other foods if cooked in olive oil, isn't bad. so I learned). And what's so bad about it? the burnt parts have cncr causing adjents.

Is that wrong? Did I understand correctly? Just curious. thanks.

Tracy said...

That's how I wash my chicken!! Do you wash with warm or cold water? and lots of salt to get the blood out! small world!

As for the fried food question, I would have to say that it depends on what you are frying in and on!

I can fry chicken or make a tenderloin, but instead of bleached white flour I use almond or soy flour, which has way fewer carbs and if seasoned right tastes just as good! that is only now and then, mostly i stick with grilled fish or chicken.

Frying in the hydro-fats is now a big no-no - it is healthier to fry in lard than Crisco!! I use olive oil and I cook most of my meals on the grill or on my stove top grill/griddle!

Miriam said...

I use boiled water. Though I must admit I sort of stopped the tradition for a while. Only recently I met an African lady friend and we were talking about such things and I realized lots of people do this -not just my family. lolol. Somehow that inspired me to want to resume it. (bad reason, I know).

BTW- that friend also scrubs all her fruits and vegetable w/lemon. I don't. My family never did that. Just rinse.

When I fry chicken I just fry it w/ out flour. I also like using the stainless steel pan cuz to me it tastes better (although, the no-burn one is so much better to clean).

Anonymous said...

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