Monday, February 11, 2008

Look Mama--I Made It!!!!!

Guess who is featured in the Feb/Mar issue of Heart and Soul Magazine? That's Right. Yours Truly and her fabulous blog Sweet Potato Pie. Go get an issue today so you can see how your girl is doing BIG THANGS!!!!


Tracy said...


Remember us little folks when you reach the top!

Seriously, congrats!!

Anonymous said...


Nona said...

This is great news, T.S. Congrats!!! Well done!!! You'll have to photocopy the article and post it for those of us who have no access to Heart and Soul Mag. Hint, Hint. LOL!!!

Vakker Kvinne said...

Great! Now everyone else can love your blog as much as I do!


t.s. johnson said...

Thanks ladies. I was a doing a little jig for awhile when I found out I'd made the mag.