Monday, July 7, 2008

Diet Mondays: Personal Diets, an Online Program for Weight Loss

Personal Diets is an online diet program that tailors your diet regime to your lifestyle. It's cost effective and is perfect for those who want a regime they can follow that they don't have to put together themselves:

Custom Diets

PersonalDiets works by providing custom diets to people based on their lifestyle and natural eating habits. While most diet programs have specific dietary restrictions and often set times that you are supposed to eat, PersonalDiets, basis its diets on your natural way of doing things. If you like to snacke, then PersonalDiets will design a program that allows you to snack. If you don’t cook often and eat out a lot, PersonalDiets will create a diet for you that will allow to continue to eat out and still lose weight.

No Exercise Needed
PersonalDiets customizes their diets based on your activity level. If you’re a particularly active person than your diet will reflect your activity level and add the necessary calories for you activity level and desired weight loss goals. However, if you’re a couch potato PersonalDiets creates a personal diet program that will allow you to lose weight and still maintain your couch potato ways. PersonalDiets recommends exercise, since diet and exercise is the fastest and best way to lose weight, but they recognize everyone doesn’t want to or some people can’t exercise, so they allow for that fact in planning your diet regime.

Expected Weight Loss With Personal Diets

Average weight loss on PersonalDiets is 1.5 pounds. Some people lose 2 pounds or more on PersonalDiet plans and others lose less. The recommended amount of weight loss per week is 1.5 pounds since slow weight loss is best over the long term and is less likely to result in you gaining the weight back. If you want to lose more weight per week you can do so as long it does healthily and within safety guidelines.

Track Your Weight Online
You can easily keep track of your progresses by using PersonalDiets online tracking tools. You can record your weight, upload food diaries and track other events pertaining to your weight loss goals. PersonalDiets guarantees its weight loss claims because it is able to track the weight of their clients via their Right-On-Track interactive weight program. They have an 85% success rate for those who follow the Right-On-Track program. PersonalDiets allows physicians and researchers to have access to their real time tracking results.

No Pills or Other Products

Unlike many other diet programs PersonalDiets doesn’t require you to purchase any pills, special meals or other dietary supplements. All their custom diets are based on foods that can be brought from the grocery store or eaten at restaurants. They do recommend the use of a multi-vitamin but don’t offer a special PersonalDiets multi-vitamin that has to be purchased to utilize the program.


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