Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why You Just Can't Lose Weight

You step on the scale and groan at the number peeking between your toes. "I'll go on a diet today!" you think. Not so fast. Unless you are mentally ready to lose weight, any diet you try is likely doomed to failure.

In a widely accepted model of behavioral change, there are five stages of motivational readiness. If you're stuck in an early stage, your diet won't work, says registered dietician Karen Collins. Studies suggest that people may feel ready to lose weight, but if they are unprepared to alter their behavior, they'll fail, reports the American Institute for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C. in a column titled "Nutrition Notes."

The five stages of motivational readiness that can be applied to dieting, exercise, or just about anything in your life:

Stage One: Precontemplation

A person has no intention of changing.

Stage Two: Contemplation

A person intends to change--later.

Read the rest of the stages here.
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Need said...

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Joy said...

This soooo true. I have been at stage one and stage 2 most of my life. But I am committed to becoming a healthier, happier, lighter me. If i look better, great. But I need to lose it no matter waht.

Merqury said...

Yeah.. I personally experienced that... Believe me, it is not as easy as we see in the advertisements. Only, those who have gone trough it will know it better.


James said...

You hit the nail on the head by saying "mentally ready".

Since March I got serious. I started at 16 stone (224 lbs) and am now at 13 st 12 lbs (194 lbs).

It's all in the mind.

The first thing is to accept a rumbling stomach. The only way to lose weight is to eat less. Every time you satisfy your stomach you prevent yourself losing weight.

I do regular weight and crunch exercises every morning. I walk to the supermarket too. I'm going all the way until I get to 12 stones (168 lbs).

Why did I do it? I looked at the spare tyre around my stomach and realised that not only was it fat, it was wasted money too.

Now things are so much more expensive, downsizing the body is a must, along with downsizing everything else.


Laarnaay said...

I call it, embracing the lifestyle change.

Anonymous said...

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