Thursday, November 27, 2008

12 Tips to Staying Motivated


Keeping up the day to day of working out can be tough. Motivation is key, but keeping up that motivation, particularly if you don't like working out, can be just as difficult as saying no to that extra piece of cake. Well The Health and Fitness Guide offers 12 Keys to Staying Motivated:

# 1. Vary your routine every so often to prevent boredom and provide enhanced benefits by working different muscle fibers within the same broad muscle groups. Try different exercises; try doing more reps and lighter weights one day; more weight and less reps another day, etc.
#2. A little bit is much better than nothing and in fact goes a long way. While an hour or so 3 to 4 times a week is great, exercising for 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a week is much better than no exercise.
#3. Work with a trainer when bored or discouraged– even if it is just for a few sessions - to get you back on the right track, learn some new things and rejuvenate your workout.
#4. View work-out time as “your time” to escape from the demands placed on you from others and take care of yourself. Get in a “zone” by focusing on the music you’re listening to, the results you will achieve or how good you will feel after your workout.
#5. Write down your goals – You are more likely to remain committed to them. Also, keep a diary of your workouts and your progress – what gets recorded and measured gets improved.
#6. Workout with a friend – you will push each other and time will go by faster.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Me - Before in June 08 and After in Nov. 08!!

Hey All!!

Well,I have been having a really good turn as of late..I have lost a total of 26 pounds as of today! I can honestly say that I LOVE this Weight Watcher thing! I am not starving, I am getting plenty of proteins,veggies and even some chocolate on the side and I am still losing! Again, I have picked up on my exercising, walking up to 4 miles per day, and it is even getting to the point that if I don't exercise, I don't feel right and feel all sluggish.

As a matter of fact, recently I have noticed that I can't eat fried foods like I used to. My "weigh in day " treat is to go to a fast food joint and get a nice big Tenderloin and fries! Hey, I get up at 5 am to go walking everyday, I deserve it ;)!

So anyhoo, I go last Monday, order my food, sit down and start munching. I'm not sure if I bit into a piece of gristle or a side that they didn't drain well enough, but I almost lost my cookies!! I did the same thing trying to eat KFC the next day!

Sooo, I guess this is one of those blessing/curse things! But if it messes with my Thanksgiving, I am not going to be a happy camper!

Til next time! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! You can do it!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes!! We Did!!!

Hey All!!

New Day, New President, New Hope!

Now, I know this is a fitness blog, but I gotta shout just one more time for our new President, Barack Hussein Obama!! Yess! Happy dance for the next six months at least!!

Now that the election is over, I have time to pick up where we left off! Since my last entry, I have lost 3.4 more pounds bringing my total pounds lost to 20!! It hasn't been effortless - I have been working my butt off, literally!

Which brings me to today's topic - Want Results? Ya Gotta Do the Work!

Folks, Healthy eating (notice that I didn't say Diet) and exercise go hand in hand. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in- simple.

Yes, yes, I know about your cousin Pookey that just ate less , laid around on the couch all day and then the pounds just magically dropped off. First off, Pooky is throwing you a load of b.s. When you are not around, she's sweating to the oldies and doing the thighmaster. She never liked you so she is trying to keep you fat...

Secondly, on the slim chance that she does have that lucky metabolism, I think that we can safely assume that you don't. You can test this theory by eating and laying about. If your backside is getting bigger, well, sorry you aren't one of the chosen ones.

Look, I hate exercising too. And to add to my misery, studies have shown that to effectively lose weight, you have to do at least 90 minutes of moderate exercise (that means sweating after 10 minutes and being able to barely hold a conversation while working out) A DAY!! I break mine up by power walking in the wee hours of the morning before work and 30 min of ergo-biking at nite. So far, except for a period when I was building muscle, the weight and the clothes sizes keep dropping!

As I stated in an earlier post, find what you like and do it! Or suck it up and just do it, but do it! Your heart, your body and your back fat will thank you for it!

I'm a little keyed up tonite, but I am so inspired! I gave myself a goal (again) to be at goal weight by the end of next summer. That is realistic and very do-able! Can I do it this time? YES I CAN!! And you can too!

Til next time! Keep sweating!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Homecoming Workout Plan - Day 21 "The Pants II"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Homecoming Workout Plan - Day 15

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weight Training Tips!

Hey All!

Well, I am happy to report that as of my weigh in tonite, I have lost a total of - 16 POUNDS!! Happy Dance! So far for this month, I have lost a total of seven pounds. I would like to take off another three pounds before the end of the month. According to my online trainer Grant, (yep the same one!) 10 lbs a month for the first few months is a do - able month. Now, he didn't say that it would be easy - apparently it involves a lot of sweating - but still an attainable goal. Next week, I start in with the weights! Oh Joy!

Because Mr. Grant has helped me in my greatest hour of need, and also cuz I am lazy and can't think of anything funny tonite, I am going pass along some information that he gave me about weight training! Enjoy!

When do I add weights and how much? I'm glad you asked that question! Use the following guidelines: when you are able to do the scheduled number of sets and reps in a given exercise, increase the weight by the smallest increment possible, e.g., on the bench press if you can do all 3x15 with the weight of the bar only, add a 2.5lb weight to each side and use that until you can again do 3x15, then take the 2.5lb weights off and use two 5lb weights and start the whole process over again, and on and on. You will probably reach a point that you think you will never get beyond, but keep at it and you WILL eventually get to the next level.

Machines are a little more difficult, because the weight increments are usually in 10-20lb increases. In this case, again increase by the smallest amount of weight you can but you will probably have to reduce the number of reps you do because of the large increase in weight, e.g., on the wide grip pulldown, the lowest weight is probably 20 lbs and the next jump would be 40lbs-that's a pretty big step so instead of doing 3x15-or 12 or whatever was specified, do 3x12, if that is still too much try 3x10 until you reach a spot where you can do at least two full sets and have to struggle to finish the last 2-3 reps of the last set. Make sense? By going in small increments and slowly you are less likely to injure yourself or to overtrain and get mentally and physically burned out.

The mental part of lifting is very important, it's not just about beating your way through the next weight plateau, mentally push yourself along the lines that focus on the muscle that you are using to lift as well as the lift itself. For instance, when you are doing tricep kickbacks really concentrate on the contraction of the muscle all the way through the range of motion and also watching yourself in the mirror to make sure that you are moving the weight in a steady and controlled method-no swinging the weights and basically just flailing away-I'm sure you've seen some people doing that from time to time in your gym. Another thing, do not worry about how awkward you may feel when you first start doing and exercise or how much weight you are doing compared to what others may be doing-you have your own schedule and your own pace, concentrate on that-focus, focus, focus.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, my guess is that you will be pretty sore in the beginning-maybe even a little sore at me too, HAHA-that is to be expected and with time it will become less and less intense (but it ain't never gonna go away, so get over it!!). Having said that however, as I said in my email, if you feel pain that is not muscle related stop the exercise immediately -ankles, knees, hips, elbows, necks, etc. Remember death is nature's way of telling you to slow down when you don't listen. And we don't want that now do we?

Thanks Grant! Til next time, you can do it!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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