Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year! Happy New Fat!

Hey All!!

Well, hope all of you had a great holiday! I know I did! I racked up on the gifts, and dodged a few New Years Eve bullets (btw, it is not legal to shoot off your guns on New Years, I checked!). I had a quick but dangerous fling with an old lover.....bread!! It was......magical! But like all quick and meaningless flings, this has to end.

It was supposed to end on the First, but then I couldn't have the bbq or the pie that I made for New Year's day. And of course, the stress of going back to work after all of those vacation days I had, oh and then a good friends birthday was on the 8th, and there was the luncheon that I had to prepare at work...... OK OK Next week for sure!!

Allright, update! The contest was officially over on January 4th. I weighed in at 229 - a total loss of 15 pounds! Yay! Well, almost yay! I was up 10 pounds from the last weigh in but I still had a loss!

Soooo - for '08, I am 15 pounds closer to my goal, which is 160! I really don't have a choice now because I have thrown away all of my bigger clothes. The 20's are getting a little snug, so time to put down the donuts and get back on treadmill!

Right now, I'm all up in the primaries, and got a few things going on the romantical side, so I am a little distracted, but I will be keeping up the posts and reporting in with the weekly weigh ins! So, stick with us here folks, I promise we will be more entertaining than the Biggest Loser!

Til next time - I CAN DO... is that an eclaire?!?


Nona said...

Put the eclair down and step away from the table. LOL!!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday Tracy.

You and I want to lose roughly the same amount of weight. Let's make 2008 the year we do it.