Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year - Old Goals

I had a wonderful Christmas break with my family. A testimony to my emotional growth and maturity (and probably theirs as well) is that I now feel absolutely no bitterness or anger towards my parents. I realise they did the best job they could based on who they are and what they knew and in many ways sent me into the world with a plethora of advantages. As I'm no longer emotionally or otherwise dependent on them I can relate to them as individuals and appreciate their special qualities as such. This Christmas was filled with an abundance of joy for all of us and I can't wait to visit again.

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions but one of my most critical goals for 2008, is to continue the weight loss journey I started last August and lose the 27kgs/60lbs I have left to lose through good nutrition and exercise. Food wise, I allowed myself to have whatever I wanted during the holidays, with some quantity moderation and that worked well. I was a little depressed when I got back to grey London and did have a rather bad two days laying on my sofa and grazing on chocolate but that's all behind me now. I can tell by my clothes that I've gained weight (I'm staying clear of the scales) but I'm not worried as I know it will be gone soon. I'm back on my food plan again and am thinking of doing GreySheeters OA again for at least 90 days to help me stay focused on my goal of being 55kgs/120lbs before December 2008.


Tracy said...

Hey Nona!

Welcome back! Honey, move on! I was in Christmas cookie heaven over the holidays and gained 8 pounds! More on that to come!

Just think of how far ahead you are for the new year tho! This year is gonna be a blast!!