Saturday, January 26, 2008

Me, Still Smokin'!

Hey All!

Been awhile between posts I know! I missed you too! Since I finally got some down time, lets play catchup! Get your jammies on and pour yourself some vino or some hot chocolate - here's the scoop!

Weight wise I have managed to gain quite a bit back...I weighed myself Friday morning to 234 - that is 10 pounds away from where I started, so it's back on track for me! I have gone back to my bible - the Atkins book - and am, yep, starting over again! So this weekend was supposed to be the last, last, really last, I mean it last hurrah! I was supposed to go over a girlfriends house and eat mac and cheese, then we were going to go out paaaaartying and I was going to have margarita's and coronas. Mr. Windstar and Aunt Flo (yes her again!) put a monkeywrench into those plans, but I guess it is just as well, I think that I have binged enough over the last two months. I really want to be sick of food and be over it, but alas he is a lover that I cannot shake! Especially if he comes in Chocolate! or Mexican! or Cheesecake! Damn, I'm getting hungry again.....

Life wise, things couldn't be better! Got me a new fella that is car - azy about Miss Tracy! The second date he called me his Queen and has been a complete sweetheart to me! He loves to cuddle and says that I could not be more perfect. So, to hell with the diet and.......oh no wait, still have my diabetes to contend with and all of those new clothes that I bought. And Valentines Day is coming up, not to mention my birthday and I wanted to be smaller by then. And he did mention something about a nightie that he bought me - Yep its back on! Right now , in its current state, lace is not coming anywhere near this ass! Tho a long sexy gown with a silk coverup might be nice....

See that is still my problem! Big or small (ok less big) I still think that I am the shizz! Is that overconfidence? or Delusion? and when and where is the breaking point? Maybe love has clouded my judgement lately, but I still have goals for myself that I have to reach, not to mention that there are folks in this weight loss journey with me that are looking to me for support.. what to do, what to do.....

Ah well, would love to hear from anyone that is going thru, or has gone thru the same thing! Lets hear from some sista's that are in the game, or have won the game!

Til next time! You Can Do It!


t.s. johnson said...

It's called Relationship Weight honey.

That must be some good lovin' you're getting


Did u see the hotness that is Nona over on her blog?

I say we're a pretty hot trio:-)

Nona said...

Ohhhhhho! That is why you have been MIA. I should have known there way a fella in the picture. LOL!!! Good for you!!!

I admire your self-confidence Tracy. Self-love at any size is the foundation from which great things spring. Wish I had it!!! :/

Lovely lovely photo!!!

Tracy said...

Hey girls!

Girls, we could be the next Charlies Angels! Ms. Johnson, we need a new hot pic of you!

And Nona, my diet is offically over when I look as good as you!

The lovin is great, thankyuhverymuch! But the man can eat! If he is not cooking something, I'm cooking or we are closin down some steakhouse! Im gonna have to find some sexy muu muu's soon!

much love to ya all!

Go Obama!