Sunday, April 20, 2008

Looking for Good Healthy Recipes?

I found a few sites that can help:

1. Prevention's Recipe Website


3. - Healthy Recipes Center

You know I should start a food blog. Folk always telling you to eat healthy but most of the time finding good healthy stuff to eat can be a pain in the rear. Sometimes you just want someone to hand you a wekly menu and say, "Here, eat this and you'll lose weight." Just that simple. What I woldn't give to have a

If anyone has great healthy recipes they'd like to share, send them in.


Nona said...

I am a horrible cook under normal conditions (though I can do a few sinful desserts very well).

One of my goals is to take a cooking course, so that I can learn to create nutritionally sound, delicious meals. It will definitely be money well spent.