Friday, April 18, 2008

Losing weight while on vacation

I'm back in London and settling back into my routine again. We had a really lovely time traveling around Tunisia over the past three weeks. Tunisia is such a wonderful country with a fascinating history and an incredibly varied landscape, culture and people.

One of the biggest lessons I had reinforced for me on this trip is that having fun doesn't have to be about eating. I had the most amazing time without binging or grazing my way through the whole experience.

Another great lesson reinforced was how valuable exercise is to weight loss. By the very nature of our journey, I was forced to walk an average of 5miles everyday. Within the first week my trousers had loosed up considerably.

Now nothing that I'm saying here is in anyway news, but it is amazing to me how hard the simplest truths can be to practice in our daily lives, far less when we are on vacation.

I am happy that unlike my Christmas vacation, I did not allow my compulsion to eat sugar take over. I was able to stick to my food plan and to get an abundance of exercise. I am glad that a vacation from my life did not mean a vacation from my commitment to good health. Consequently, I am able to report a 4.4lb weight loss over the time that I was away, as opposed to a 4.4lb weight gain.