Monday, October 1, 2007

The Tracy and Grant Show!!!!

Hey everybody!

I'm on my way to cracking 230 this week so I thought I'd give you guys a sneak preview of twisted madness that is Grant.....I mean the helpful guiding hand that is Grant.....

This is just like having my own Dr. Phil!!

Talk at ya all later! Gotta do my cardio! This morning I was at 231!!!

ME: Finally starting to see the "toning" part of my weight lifting! So....I dont think that I will have to do crunches after all! Yay!
GRANT:-----------------------------------Yeah, in your dreams!!!

ME: I choke down 64 oz of water a day - but I loooove diet rite soda!! So a liter of water to counter a liter of soda!
GRANT:-----------------------------------------------------Let's see, artificial sweeteners, oh, yeah, here it is under "Things that make you glow in the dark"

ME: Added more weights today - not sure if the lumps on my shoulders are muscles or knots!
GRANT:------------------------If you can't tell, you ain't using enough weight!!!!!

ME:Hey, if this works out (which it will) we could be like Bob Green and Oprah and make a book and stuff!

GRANT:Just as long as you know it will be the "Grant and Tracy Show" and not the other way around:-)

Folks, it's gonna be a loooong 3 months!

Talk at ya later, if I survive the stair machine!


Miriam said...

wow! was this live?

Tracy said...

nah, this was a cut and paste from our hilarious emails!!

more of his tips to come!