Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy dance, y'all!


Hello Lovely People!!

Gotta run to another hiking expedition, so this will be short....Weighed in Friday at 227.6 for a contest loss of 7.9 pounds for the month - yay!

Wanted to keep the momentum going, so I tried faster walking/slow jogging for a few blocks of my nightly walk.

Got on the scale this morning, and danced all thru the house!! 19.2 lbs. lost so far!!! Maybe I will make my goal after all!

Talk at ya later!!

OH! And a big welcome to Nona from England! Can't wait to hear from the other side of the pond!


t.s. johnson said...


Tracy said...

Thank yuh, thankyuhverymuch!


Nona said...

This is excellent progress Tracy!!! Very well done indeed!!!