Monday, October 1, 2007

A Little Help From My Friends.......

Hey All!!

Ok, back on track! Aunt Flo and her friend Dubya Retention are gone after a nice weeklong visit and I am happy to announce that they took 2 more pounds with them!! 232.4 as of this morning!! That's 12.4! Allright! Finally out of the Dreaded .08's!

I decided that I would take a commenter's advice about exercising thru the pain because 1. Your metabolism is at its highest at that time of the month and 2. The symptoms would lessen as you exercised.

Weeellll, that person was right!!! Cramps were at a minimum and bloating went down somewhat. Didn't have the total Shamu effect this time! So thank you commenter's, what would I do without you?!?

Which leads me to today's topic - Friends! Someone once said that good friends make smaller butts.....or was it Good fences make crazy neighbors....oh well it was something to do with friends! I have been blessed to have some people around me that are not only an inspiration, but are mean and will yell at me if I don't eat and exercise like I am supposed to!

Ha! Just kidding! They are as excited about the changes that exercise and good eating is making in their bodies and lives and act as a support group for me. When I don't think that I CAN DO IT, they remind me that I can - and will! or no cash.....

Got two gung ho gals at work, Cynthia and Michele. They are my walking buddies at lunch. Ken , the only guy in our weight loss group, goes along with us! Are we dedicated or what!?!

Michele has effortlessly now lost 20 pounds! Cynthia has lost some weight also and has quit smoking!! Me, I am now obsessed with working out and walking and the scale. Ken is still eating McDonalds, but instead of a whole Big Mac, he takes the pickles off. How we have not killed each other is beyond me!

True story!! Last week, Cyn, Mic and Me decided to take a hike on our lunch hour. We were going to go to another park that had trails on it and the trails ranged from 3/4 miles to 2 miles. We were just going to walk for about 30 min and then grab some lunch .

Now, me and the woods don't really jibe, not since I watched the "Deliverance/I Spit On Your Grave" marathon on tv one weekend. But, I figured, I was with two able bodied ladies and it was broad daylight so what could happen........riiiiight?

Well, ya know what happened? We fooled around and got on the long trail! Yep just a talkin and laffing til one of us noticed that we had passed our 30 minutes. Then we started getting quiet and walking faster....Michele fell, albeit gracefully. It was still funny.

We had to call back to the office and let them know that we would be late getting back - maybe an hour, maybe more. Hopefully before sundown. You had to be there, it was so hilarious! Three bug eyed women looking for civilization ("is that the parking lot? no, more damn woods!")

We did make it out in an hour's time tho - I was never so happy to see my old van! And since it was a nice hilly, rocky, climby trail, we are going to do it again. This time we will pack lunches and take flares, just in case we go off the beaten path again - Cynthia!!!

I also have many good friends in the blogosphere! Thank's to all of the encouraging words of support!

Someone that you will be hearing from soon on this blog is a regular in the BW Blogs - it's Mr. Grant from the WM that Prefer BM blog! Yep , Grant has offered to help me and give me some advice on my journey to Gucci bikini land! He is a trainer and fitness expert. He is also funny as hell, next blog I will give you a sample of his hilarious advice! So thank you Grant - you have your work cut out for you!! And, no your not getting a cut of the winnings......

Well, gotta go! Hopefully, I'm on a downhill slide - would like to get at the minimum 10 more pounds off before the next weigh in.....I CAN DO IT!!

Til next time...Stay out of the woods!


Ms Stella said...

I'm looking forward to the trainers tips. I'm trying to kick up my weight loss efforts for a special event in a few weeks so I'm real gungho about diet and exercise right now.

Tracy said...

I'll be blogging tomorrow with his first lesson!