Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well...Since We're Putting Up Pictures...

This is the BEFORE me. I'm 157 - 161 pounds give or take a pint of ice cream or two. My goal is to be 140 pounds by the end of the year. Dec. 31 to be eact, so I can spend my New Years celebrating the fact that I lost 20 pounds (25 pounds in all I was 165 when I started on this weight loss journey).

I had to put up a hot pic. Couldn't let Tracy outdo me. LOL.


Tracy said...


Where have you been!!!???

Good to have ya back!

t.s. johnson said...

Lol. I've been soing stuff to the blog just not posting.


It's beena REAL busy time. But I'm here.

Tracy said...

I think that we should be Ms. November and December on Evia's blog! LOL!

Honey, I know about busy! Between the workouts, the job, and the personal drama, I hardly see my home!

Where the heck is Dee?