Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adios - For Now

Alright Ladies and Gents ( I know you're out there),

This is me saying goodbye....for now. I have a Masters Thesis that has to get written and I have been procrastinating and procrastinating and now it's down to the wire. I'm not very good at multi-tasking so I'm not going to be able to blog and write my thesis. So I'm signing off for now. I'll be back no later then Jan 1.

Fear not however Sweet Potato Pie will live on. Tracy and Nona will continue to hold down the fort I'm sure. So keep coming back. There'll be plenty of weight loss news, tips and humor to keep you on track or to help get you started on your weight loss goals. Thank you all for making Sweet Potato Pie such a success.

C-You in January,

T.S. Johnson


Nona said...

Good luck with your thesis, and keep up the good work you have been doing with your exercise and food.

Will miss you!!!

Tracy said...

Take care girl, and don't you worry! Me and Miss Nona will be holding it down til you get back! Godspeed! ....

......Is she gone? .....


...ok the first thing we do is figure out how to change the name of this blog! 'Sweet Potato Pie' - eh don't think so!!

I think it should be something subtle yet daring - how bout "TRACY AND NONA'S DEN OF SIN" yeah! That sings!

And we need a "hot male of the month" - Grant, where are you?

Juuuust kidding!

Hurry back TS!

Nona said...

LMAO!!! I like the hot male idea, myself!!!

Ms Stella said...

Take it one page at a time and know when you need to step away and take a break from it.