Sunday, August 26, 2007

Magical Mystery Weight Loss Tour!! C'mon along!

Hello All!!

First, I would like to thank Miz T.S. for allowing me to use her wonderful blog!! Sisters helping sisters, that's the way it should be!!

Second, please allow me to introduce myself! My name is Tracy, and I have decided to take that big step....again...but this time I'm serious...again. I am a 41 year old, single professional woman who loves life and all it has to offer, especially in the Chinese buffet line. I have decided to lose the extra poundage and take control of my health. After so many years of being a "thick" sista, I am ready to shed this extra weight and do things that I have not done in years....

like look down and see my feet....
go braless without getting arrested and/or scaring small children...
walk thru the junior section in department stores and not be accused of shoplifting....
go up a flight of stairs without having 911 on my cellphone speedial....
date a man with a job....(you would not believe how many no ambition-having jerks there are out there!!) (Oh wait, if you are linking from Evia's blog, yes you do!)

So anywho, I want to lose this weight and I started looking for the proper motivation to get this thing kickstarted. See, I have reverse bulimia. When normal bulimics look in the mirror, they see an overweight person, a distorted view of what they really are.

When I look in the mirror, especially after the nails are polished, makeup applied, and the hair is "did", I think that I am the most gorgeous, sexiest thing to put on a pair of draws! When I figure out how to post pictures on this thing, I'm sure that you will agree with me...

Yep, I look great, until I see the family reunion or work outing photos....then I am screaming at some poor innocent soul ("You need to quit playing with Photoshop!! My ass is not that big!")for showing me the truth. Unfortunately, the pics were not motivation enough. Neither was growing out of my clothes. I love shopping, so I just bought bigger sizes (damn you Lane Bryant!). Not even getting diabetes last year phased me. I take pills to control my sugar and I manage to keep it pretty level. But diabetes is a silent killer, and the more I play around with it, the more I am shortening my life span. So I had to find something that was going to make me go for it and stick to it!

Well, just my luck, our local hospital has a yearly weight loss contest. Participants form a team of five, pay and entry fee and weigh in. You have a total of five months to lose weight and the team that loses the most weight wins the entry fee money from all of the teams! Last year, the prize money of $10,000.00 was split between two teams - that's $5000.00 a team, $1000.00 a team member. This year the pot is even bigger. All of a sudden, I feel like jogging! Eating is sooo overrated!! I e-mailed the idea to some folks at work, thinking that I would have to beg to get four more team members. Turns out that everyone loved the idea (they are greedy too!) and we ended up with four teams!
To make it fair, we drew names to form our teams! I tell ya, that day all of the fat folks in the office were feeling the love! Every one wanted to pull the big butts, because we can lose the most weight. People were praying to get us! This made up for prom night for most of us!

Alas, luck was on my side that day. Along with myself weighing in at 244 and 1/2 of a 1/4 lbs, I pulled most of the pleasantly plump (read: big, fat) members! Our team name? Tons of Fun!
We officially weighed in on Friday, and now we are all rarin' to go!! I am so blessed to be with a team of people that are so fun and motivated..We are gonna do it guys!!! WOOHOO!

So, I would like to share this journey to fitness with all of you!! We are going to have a great time together !! In addition to reading about how I almost killed someone for bringing donuts in on the day of the contest, I will be sharing diet tips ( I chose Atkins ), fabulous recipes, inspirational stories, and, on some days I will be telling you just how much dieting and exercising can suck!

But I will always tell you, as I tell myself and my team members, not to give up. Keep going, people succeed at this all the time. Let's for once be the "after"s in this weight loss game.

Please note: I am this blog's cheerleader! Your happiness counselor! I will do my best to keep you motivated and full of hope for the days to come! THERE WILL BE NO CRYING ON THIS BLOG!! Darlings, I have been to several of these wonderful sites for black women - bravo to all of you! But ladies...gyaad!...I kinda think some of us like suffering and crying! Every overweight woman, especially black women, has some issue to deal with. Well, here, we are going to deal with it and MOOOOOVE ON!

Had a bad relationship? Forgive that insensitive jerk, forgive the stank that had his baby and MOOOOVE ON!

Daddy issues? Go to him, tell him you forgive him and love him and WORK THAT GUILT THANG!! (you laffing, but I haven't paid my own car payment in two years! Hi Dad!)

Another thing ladies....Miz T has made a really great blog /forum for us. It amazes me when I go to other sites and read their posts and comments. One negative comment will generate fifty thousand comments, complete with death threats and more than a few "yo mama"s.
But come to a site that has, oh, something that might help you deal with life's daily stresses and what do we get?


or one comment that's like:
"Hi ! Nice site! Um, do you have a link to the "We Hate BlackMen" posts?"

Now, come on y'all!!! Show some love! If you like this post, tell a friend, then they will tell two friends, and so on and so on....

So if you liked this post, and TS's post, please come and join me on my five month journey to some serious cash......I mean to fitness.....nah hell with it, I meant cash....

I will try to blog at least two times a week with my progress, and my "before" pics are coming soon! Glad to know all of you! I CAN DO IT!! YOU CAN TOO!!



Evia said...

LMAO!!!!@ Tracy. Girl, you're killing me here! I'm gonna go tell the other sistas who're hanging out mostly on Halima's blog these days about you and this contest, so we can keep tabs on y'all.

I'm sho nuff rootin' for your team! Best of Luck!!

t.s. johnson said...

LOL. You are a nut Tracy. A board certified Great post. Keep'em coming.

sprite said...

Ha ha! Great post. I love your infectious humour ...and bringing in donuts on the day the diet was to start? Priceless.

Quick question..what is the difference between fat and thick?

t.s. johnson said...

Thick is Beyonce. Fat is Monique.

Shavonne said...

This is a great blog. I'll be linking to it so I can help spread the word and to keep tabs on you. LOL!

Madrid said...

Great post! I found this blog via Evia's blog and I am glad b/c your writing is fun to read.

I'll be keeping up with your posts for motivation b/c I just joined a weight loss challenge amongst my own circle of friends lasting for 6 months.

Good Luck with your challenge!!

Tracy said...

Im just getting in! Thank you all! Sweetness abounds!

Will be adding another installment soon!

Again, thanks TS and Evia for the shout out!