Friday, August 10, 2007

A Note From a Reader and AA Women's Ability to Lose Weight

First I got this nice note in my e-mail the other day:

Here is a link to a 66yo sister who is in great shape – has no health problems, is on no meds, and is a personal trainer! Her profile can be found on the site at

She is a friend on mine and an incredible woman. And she has coached me through losing 35 lbs this year! Thought information on what can be done and accomplished no matter what are ages is would be inspiring for your blog.

Here is a picture of the 66 year old sister, Joy. She is in EXCELLENT shape AND a PERSONAL TRAINER at 66!

This e-mail and accompanying picture brings me right into what today's post is about:

Black Women CAN and DO Lose Weight

I know some of you may read this and think,

"Yeah. Of course we do. That's not news."

Well for some sisters it is. In many of the studies that I will be linking to over the next few days there is often the sentiment,

"This is the body God wants me to have."

As if being overweight/obese is ordained by Jesus himself.

Still not convinced? Well here in an article from a recent study that was looking at Black women's ability to lose weight:

African-American women can win battle of the bulge

HOUSTON -- (June 29, 2007) -- Despite their disproportionate obesity rate, African- American women can lose weight and keep it off once they overcome cultural barriers, according to a focus group study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine and Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston.

Results are presented in the July print edition of the Journal of General Internal Medicine and are available online.

Thirty-seven black women who lost weight and kept it off or who lost weight and regained it participated in focus groups about their weight loss experiences for the study. According to data gathered by the Center for Disease Control in 2002, 82 percent of African-American women over the age of 40 are overweight or obese compared to the national average of 64 percent.

The focus group results have been developed into a survey about weight loss for African Americans. Individuals who complete the survey can become part of the African-American Weight Control Registry funded by the National Institutes of Health. The national registry is seeking over 1,500 African-American participants.

"Because of social norms and African-American culture, there tends to be greater tolerance with a heavier weight; however, African Americans can and do lose weight. The women in our focus groups who kept off the weight lost an average of 60 pounds," said first author Dr. Ann Barnes, assistant professor of medicine at BCM and general medicine practitioner at Ben Taub General Hospital, part of the Harris County Hospital District.

To continue reading the article just click on the link in the sidebar. The purpose of linking to this article and posting the e-mail is to show that winning the "Battle of the Bulge" is not impossible or only for non-black women.

We CAN DO THIS and SUCCEED. I didn't say it would be easy but then again what in life ever is. You have to stay dedicated, focused and be willing to work hard. So, as I like to say:

Today is a new day. So, what are you waiting for?