Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shout Out to Evia and a New Blogger Joins Sweet Potato Pie

First I'd like to give a grand ol' Thank You to Evia over at BFInterracialmarriage.blogspot.com. First she linked to me from her site when I was just starting out and then she just recently gave me a shout out in one of her posts! Thanx! I know a lot of you found my blog from her blog so I am ever so grateful for her and all of your support!

Secondly I'd like to say YEAAAA! We have a new blogger who will be on board soon. I hope you all find her as fun and entertaining as I do. Below you'll find excerpts from the e-mail she sent me and you can see why I'm so excited about adding her to Sweet Potato Pie:

My name is Tracy Scott and I have just signed up for a weight loss contest with a team of 4 others - I am the captain!

I would like to keep a blog journal of my and my team members progress, along with daily thoughts, ups and downs of the weight loss game, pics, and of course lots of laffs!

The contest starts this Friday, I weigh in then. We are then weighed once a month until the contest ends on Jan 4th. Two teams will win - the team that loses the most weight and the team that loses the highest percentage of weight. The two teams will split a pot of so far almost $16,000.00 $8000.00 divided by 5equals a cool $1700.00 for me and my team members if we win at one of the categories! So, screw the health benefits, get thin for the cash!! ;)

I think that we have a great chance of winning, seeing as we are all big butts! I myself tip the scales at 245 and I am not the biggest one! Realistically, I could probably take off at the minimum 50 lbs, but I am really ready to do what it takes - in a healthy wayof course - the win this thing.. My team members are also gung ho, and we are planning outings, and pledge drives for charity (who can do the most push ups,dance a thons, and walk a thons) to help us take the extra pounds off..

So let's welcome Tracy. Her first post should be up this Sunday. Let's do all we can to cheer her on and support her in her weight loss efforts and of cours to WIN THAT CONTEST! LOL.

Today is a new day. So, what are you waiting for?