Friday, August 24, 2007

Sorry for the Slow Posting

School starts Monday and I've been running around trying to make sure everything is in order. I love being at an HBCU but my people know they can make things ten times harder then they need to be. SMH.

Anywho things should be back to normal next week. My schedule is set and I'll be able to post more frequently and in a timely manner.

Keep fit and Stay Health!

Today is a new day. So, what are you waiting for?


Sandz said...

Stopped by via Evia's site - lol.

I graduated from an HBCU (NCA&T)- there are things I miss and things I don't especially leading up to and including the first week of school.

I am sharing your blog with a friend - you have a positive attitude and I did get some chuckles.

I'll stop through often..

t.s. johnson said...

Glad you dropped by. My first week of school is almost over so I should be able to start posting again. Yea!

Here's hoping no more financial aid snafus pop up (crosses fingers). lol.