Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Welcome a New Guest Blogger: Dee

Hi All,

There will be a new blogger joining the Sweet Potato Pie family. Her name is DeAnna or just 'Dee' for short. Here is a little more about her from an e-mail she sent me:

My name is DeAnna aka "Dee money the flyest honey" aka "Dee" if you want to keep it simple:) and I live in the DC area. Mental and physical fitness, health, beauty, fashion, and self empowerment are my passions. I’m a 25 year old golfer, flag football player, runner, personal trainer, and self-help and history junkie, and a lover of my people!!!

I have always maintained the position that black women are beauty-full. Just absolutely marvelous!! I hate that we aren’t told those things by society and within our own culture enough and that we don’t realize how great we truly are. This leads us down so many horrible paths, from man sharing, to depression. However, I do believe that the majority us are doing the thing and we just have to reach each uplift one another.

It’s really my wish to help black women empower themselves through physical fitness. What many of us fail to realize, is that when one is strong, exercising regularly, and eating healthily, we feel better; mentally and physically. The result is a confidence that moves throughout other aspects of life and it’s wonderful. I realize this email could get long, but I love this subject. Who is more beautiful that black woman? Really?

Let's welcome Dee and I can't wait for her first post!

Today is a new day. What are you waiting for?


Tracy said...

Hi Dee!!

Welcome aboard and any help you can give us will be great!

I'm with ya on the beauty part! No other woman is as diverse as we are!

Again, glad to have ya aboard!

Ms Stella said...

Hey Dee, I feel a little motivated just from reading your intro.

Another Beauty-full Black Woman.